Torsion Impact Square Drive Bits

  • Square #3
  • 100mm Length 

Pack Qty: 10pcs/pac.   Bulk = 10pack = 100pcs


  1. Torsion & "impact" function.
  2. Short torsion zone helps reach the maximum torsion with less energy during screwing.
  3. Reach the biggest torque with the small angle in a very short time.
  4. Achieve maximum performance with less effort.

Why You Need Torsion Impact Driver Bits

If you need a durable bit, torsion impact driver bits are a great option.

Not only are torsion bits more durable, but they can drive more screws in less time than a standard screwdriver bit. Torsion impact bits will hold up no matter how heavy-duty your project is, as the bit will flex instead of snap under pressure.

TOWER torsion impact bits are made of V5 steel, which is high-quality and pressure-resistant steel with proper heat treating process. The tool life at least doubles that of rival products. The bit is designed to ensure the optimal power density on the tip and therefore no energy is wasted in heavy load. The extraordinary design of the turn-down groove makes the impact screwdriver bit elastic, providing 40% more breaking angle and more impacting ability in peak loading. 

Barcode # 9352988070317
Unit Of Measure 10

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