Type 17 screws - a thread cutting screw for wood, designed with a coarse tapping screw thread and sharp point for capturing wooden chips.

  •     Carbon Steel
  •     Ruspert plated - complies with AS3566 Class 4
  •     Hex. Washer flange Head - 5/16" Hex. Socket
  •     Colour: Headland / Tuscan Red
  •     With EPDM NEO washer
  •     12G screws - 5.5mm 
  •     11TPI - Double-Grip thread
  •     50mm Lenght
  •     Type 17 point  

Pack Qty:  1000pcs/pack


  • Fix Timber 
  • Cladding to timber

Double-Grip is a dual-threaded system that provides positive support to roofing profiles and secures a watertight seal between fastener and roofing sheet during crest fixing.

EPDM NEO washer - made of macromolecule material, the EPDM Neo washer containd excellent charactwes of aging, unltraviolet rays resistance and endure to ozone, high and low temperature(-500C - 1500C)

Class 4 Screws

  • Suitable for external use in heavy industrial or severe marineenvironments.
  • Heavy industrial environments refer to atmosphere with medium pollution from industry.
  • Severe marine environments refer to coastal areas with high airborne salinity.
  • Corrosivity as classified in accordance with AS 3566-2002, 5.4and ISO 9223.
Unit Of Measure 1000

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