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1. Hexagon Head Screws without NEO (50 to 74mm)
2. Hexagon Head Screws with NEO (Up to 74mm)
3. Wafer, Button, Pan & Csk Head Screws (Up to 49mm)
4. All Rivets (Dia. 2.4mm - 4.8mm)
5. All Bolts (M4-M5)

Popular Colours Swatch Reference   Popular Colours Swatch Reference
Basalt     Monument  
Classic Cream     Night Sky  
Cottage Green     Pale Eucalypt  
Cove     Paperbark  
Deep Ocean     Shale Grey  
Dune     Surfmist  
Evening Haze     Terrain  
Gully     Wallaby  
Ironstone     White  
Jasper     Wilderness  
Mangrove     Windspray  
Manor Red     Woodland Grey  
Unit Of Measure 1000

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